PS&Ed’s 2hr. Active Shooter Class

PS&Ed’s Active Shooter Seminar
Product/Service: AS Seminar 2Hr. ver., 01/13/2018

Testimonial: Thank you Matt Mallory for putting together a short two-hour presentation on Active Killer. Because I’ve attended numerous other presentations given by DHS/FEMA and other Security professionals I’m already familiar with a lot of what is out there.

Matt has an excellent background from which to serve up this material. Not only is he a current LEO, but he has Military background as well, both necessary components IMO to provide a well-rounded presentation. He’s also a good teacher – one able to not only understand the material, but to convey that to his students, which is a gift.

Active Killer is an evolving event, and by that I mean it’s always going to be a different situation – differing methods, differing populations, differing locations. We’ve seen it happen all over the world. While Police response and tactics try to keep up, they will never be there fast enough for any of us. How they respond has changed, evolved – and you need to know that. As a result you’ll also need to fend for yourself. This course outlines some options. Matt explains a bit of how that response will unfold, what you can expect, and teaches you a bit of how to act when LE do respond.

Matt also provides some good insights and some personal remarks that made me smile. As an example, we both share the opinion that the FEMA slogan – Run – Hide – Fight is, let’s say, flawed. Matt gives you some ideas about how to barricade in place instead, and also provides you with some insights on how to fight back. That narrows it down to just two viable options that may save your life – RUN or FIGHT. You need to be prepared to FIGHT if you can’t run, right?

No single class can incorporate every element necessary to give you a solid plan, but Matt outlines the things you’ll need to do on your own. When it comes down to facing an Active Killer, you will be on your own.

There is so much content that could go into a class like this, but the problem becomes one of time. We are now a society that can’t seem to sit still for more than an hour or so at most I think. That being said, there’s a lot of information here that needs to be considered and given more time to ingest. Things like INTENT & PERMISSION – two extremely important concepts whose words can’t even scratch the surface of how they relate to this topic. You’re not going to get this in just any AK class, but Matt did touch on both. Kudos.

Matt should also be given more credit for offering this class for FREE. I’ve paid for every other one that I attended, and willingly so. As a security professional it is important. Not only was I responsible for myself, but I was responsible for a large number of employees and visitors for over 8 hours a day. I took money out of my own pocket for all but one course, gladly.

This course wasn’t designed to be the total solution. No one can do that. Matt included things that FEMA should have, and there’s a lot to be said about that.

I would love to see Matt offer extension modules to this class, which he may already have or may be developing – sub-components of the overall presentation that would require deeper understanding and instruction and perhaps be segmented into very specific modules.

To survive an event of this type you must be prepared. Preparation was a big part of Matt’s ideology. Failure is but one outcome. The better and more prepared one is ups the chances of survival. Training is another aspect that Matt pushed – skills diminish or disappear if you don’t maintain them. Both are personal goals that we should strive for as much as possible.

In summary – attend if you can. Matt is a good teacher, a knowledgeable instructor with untold hours of training under his belt. He brings his LEO & MIL experience to the table to educate the public, and IMO that is a huge plus, specifically here.