Jay Wadsworth DVD: Police Self-Defense Tactics for the Street


Recommended for S/O, C/O, LEO Review by tim b. on 8 Dec 2019

“Force never looks good,” Chief Kenton Buckner, SPD 06/17/2019 

Use of Force is hard for the un-educated to witness. Not everyone has the ability to give themselves permission to use it when it is not only justified, but necessary. For those with a Duty To Act, or contracted Security Officers that need to go hands on, this program gives you some very viable solutions to your commonly encountered issues. Jay is not only a Martial Artist, but a competitor in his sport, and a certified LEO, and SWAT DT Instructor. He knows the rules, knows the game, and knows the adversary. He’s also studied cause and effect to the point that he tells you what you can expect ‘if you do this, he’ll do this.” The techniques are easy, and work. Pay attention to the details that he may not have explicitly spoken aloud – watch his body mechanics. Train slow, and make it work for your body style. Listen to what he’s saying as well as watch his movements. Sometimes the magic is in the details that are either assumed or not spoken. Jay does a good job of revealing those little things, especially during the C&C portions of his program. Research your laws as well, and understand your rights and responsibilities. Watch these techniques often, and work them into your ‘possible responses – either solo or with you partner. Oftentimes you will be the first and possibly only responder, so pick your training well. This package is a good start to getting more than you likely got to begin with.

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