Taking Responsibility… for yourself AND others!

In the most recent ‘event’, the shooter followed behind another person that was NOT aware of their surroundings, nor concerned enough to secure the door behind them. IF people would raise their awareness level, pay attention to actually securing things¬†for themselves, and taking responsibility for others through those simple actions, many of these things would be avoided. It will never be eliminated, but we can reduce the occurrence of events using these simple actions. Pay attention to what and who is around you – close enough to affect your life. When you go in or out of a secured door, make sure you re-secure it immediately. Don’t wait for the pneumatic door arm to do the work, reach out and grab the handle and pull or push it closed. Keep in mind that your laziness/inattention/lack of responsibility CAN effect outcomes for others. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Raise your awareness level. Clear your plate between destinations – don’t immediately get your phone/ipod out and in your hands, scan your surroundings instead. Pay attention. Listen to your inner voice – if something seems odd/wrong, that’s your internal alarm going off – PAY ATTENTION to it! Make change first in YOUR actions. Don’t simply let someone follow you through a secured door. Challenge them, it’s NOT about not being polite, it’s about taking responsibility. If your facility demands ID you should too. Security is not just someone else’s job, it’s yours too. Educate yourself, get involved, and HELP stop the madness using these simple directives.

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