Mindset CHANGE dead ahead!

October 3, 2012

Scaling Force: Dynamic Decision Making Under Threat of Violence (Paperback)


Rory Miller and Lawrence Kane have put their heads and collective experience together to author a new book available here:

It’s titled ‘Scaling Force’, and it’s jammed full of good information and advice that will surely help many understand the LEGAL definition of the legal term ‘self-defense’, and will guide ANY martial artist through the legal maze that may result from the use of your chosen art in an altercation.

This book will also clearly define the many variables that are involved, and the pitfalls that you may face if you choose to use your training – it can come back and bite you! I don’t mean to discourage anyone – this is going to be a great read, and for many it will be a revelation! Reading through the who’s-who of forewords and beta-reader’s quotes will clue you in to the seriousness of the subject matter – quotes from many notable martial artists, including Marc MacYoung, Alain Burrese, Loren W. Christensen and Ian Abernethy get right to the heart of what you have in store for you to consider.

The reality of ‘self-defense’ as you may be currently taught in the dojo is anything but the reality! Your MA training is incomplete without this text – you are being taught wrong. Simple as that. If your MA dojo is teaching you about the legal implications, they are doing YOU a disservice. Period.

This book will tell you WHY, and teach you about something that used to be called The Force Continuum in Law Enforcement circles. In today’s society we believe too much of what we see on T.V. or read on the internet forums. Self-Defense is a buzzword used by many to take your money and in turn provide you with an incomplete program. It’s taken me personally a few years to get to this mindset, and trust me – I’ve invested a lot of hard earned funds into developing solutions that would work for me and with my given set of circumstances. I was lucky to find Rory a few years ago, I own and have read and or re-read ALL of his output to date. I encouraged him to publish a book last year that I felt was important, and that would help many in my field break some new ground. I connect with Rory’s writing and experience – he’s got an easy manner of expressing difficult concepts and/or ideas. He doesn’t sugar coat things, but slaps you in the face with what the reality is – often in a very humorous way, but often with no B.S. or glossing over.

If you even anticipate being in a situation where you’re likely to have to use your training, save yourself GRIEF> BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT. It’ll save you money, heartbreak, and untold anxiety. This book is another in a continuing series of books about VIOLENCE – as authored by both Rory and Mr. Kane. They’ve put out some of the best books on VIOLENCE that I’ve found on a subject that I thought I knew something about – until I read THEIR books. Now I KNOW differently. I was only kidding myself, and was also steeped in what T.V. has provided me with over a lifetime of exposure. Do yourself a HUGE favor – BUY THIS BOOK – but you better read it and more importantly UNDERSTAND what you are reading!

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Defend yourself FIRST by being well-informed – and this book will set you on that path. Read the quotes provided by many from the MA community and those from the LEO community as well – they pull no punches. Read/consider/re-read, let it all sink in, and read it again. Understanding violence, understanding ‘self-defense’ as you currently think you know it are likely totally wrong. Really.

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