Second That!

Rory has put together some great information, that I have not seen elsewhere. This presentation is long – 175 minutes, and you will want to get out a piece of paper or three and take some notes, especially if this is all new to you.

I have been drinking in the Miller Well for a few years now, so I’m used to his presentation, and I always go back to re-read or listen AND for more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it here – Rory is a DEEP THINKER. This is not an easy label, as you’ll only get it when you GET IT. Oddly, on my second viewing I caught him saying ‘you won’t learn anything new’ after going through this material. Well, he’s correct on some levels, but don’t let that stop you from proceeding. He’s basically saying that you already know this stuff, you just don’t KNOW that you know it. And he may be correct for a certain demographic, but I beg to differ. It’s deeper than that even. You will only come to his conclusion once you GET IT, and I think that many won’t get it until they do.

I often try to compare notes with other professionals in my circles, and even at times they don’t get it. They just drink at the wrong wells, buy into falsehoods, and for lack of a better analogy, put their heads in a hole and wait for the BAD to pass by. Rory has a solid handle on the information, based on his vast experience dealing with the BAD. He has a solid understanding too of how things work – things that we may instinctively know, but it’s not floating on the surface for us. You have to stir the waters to bring it up, if you can open yourself up to this material. For me it’s a necessity – the more I know, or can know, the better equipped I’ll be to deal with it. You can”t buy this information any more affordably, and it will take more than a few viewings to take it all in and really understand it. It’s not for everyone, although it should be.

I highly recommend this outing from Rory. It will be invaluable to any THINKING MAN/WOMAN that truly wants to prepare themselves with ALL of the tools that would be necessary to be a contact professional – whether it be in Security, or Law Enforcement, or even in the Health Care field – EMT, Nurse, Dr. This information is invaluable to anyone that wants to really understand violence – all of it’s nuances, it’s flavors, it;s underlying tones. If you deal with it by dealing with it, you need this information – it’ll answer a lot of questions, and help keep you safer. If you defer to others to deal with it, you can still benefit from the knowledge herein. It’s a must for my library, and I recommend it for yours as well. Educate your mind.

Learn as much as you can about violence, and learn as much as you can from Rory and his circle of friends – they all bring something to the table that you can’t get elsewhere. They are furthering our ability to deal with violence, opening our minds to things that we don’t want to think about, and puling back the veil on this thing we call violence. I put my trust in Rory, because he has and does, and I’m trying to. With his help, I’m getting there, safely, and informed beforehand! This gives me so many options, opportunities, and advantages that I didn’t have five years ago. Thanks Rory.

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