How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset

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Bytim bon November 9, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

I received a copy Alain Burrese’s newest e-book, and it took me about 3 days to whittle it down. Basically this e-book sets up the reader to honing his/her fundamentals of a fighter’s mindset. Mindset is KEY to all things self-defense. Mindset is the fundamental building block that anyone must establish if you wish to WIN, or even survive. Without mindset, proper mindset, you lose. Period. I’ve spent the last four years reading, viewing, and asking those experts that I was able to find what it took to not only survive, but to prevail. Time and again it all led back to mindset as the fundamental building block that needed to be in place to proceed. Alain is one of a small handful of experts that I relied on, and continue to rely on to sharpen my skills, to bounce scenarios off of, and continue to seek out new ideas, or to sharpen my understanding of things I thought I might have already mastered. IF you plan on surviving an assault, or have a career dealing with less-than-desirables, work in law enforcement, or even healthcare you need to obtain proper mindset. It seems easy, but the concept is broken down into various components. Putting these together will get you on-track, but maintaining this set of building blocks takes determination – not only to master, but to make second-nature, as it should be. Alain highlights several areas of study that anyone should at least consider. I’ve used many if not all of these pieces in my daily navigation of the unknown – situations that crop up, scenarios that play out, and to make sure that I get to go home safe – every day on the job. This type of information may have been available before my search began, and likely it was. It seems to me to be more prominent as more people decide to enhance their training regimen with doses of reality. Alain is part of a small group of highly trained and educated beacons that I rely on to make my life as safe as it can be, doing the job that I do. All of them KNOW the fundamentals, have perhaps had their own spin on them, have definitely shared them in writing or in video context, live by them, and have each mastered this subset of new training ideas. Alain is a very good educator, a very talented Martial Artist, and a great source for new material related to the refinement of the martial arts, self-defense, reality training, etc… This book should be required reading IF you haven’t started your journey yet. It should be required reading for everyone – safety is important to all of us, sadly too many people are still living their day to day in denial AND unaware of things that they should be aware of. Pick up this introduction to some of the fundamentals that you will NEED if you want to be prepared for dealing with your own safety.

For the NEGATIVE reviewers – you’re wrong, and if you didn’t like it, you should have asked for a refund instead of showing your own negative qualities. Better to be a ‘has-been’, than a ‘never-will-be’, and it’s ‘do’, not ‘due.’ Those who can do, those who can’t write bad reviews of good material.

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