Joint Locks DVD, Rory Miller

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5.0 out of 5 stars
By tim b on February 4, 2014
Format: DVD
Short review on Rory’s New YMAA Joint Locks DVD:


Rory’s goal was to make Joint Locks accessible – make them easy to understand, and to remove the complications and mystery. It works. He has boiled down JL’s to a lesson in less than one hour timeframe, removed a lot of the BS, explained some of the tricks, but most importantly – once again – made us all think! Since I use JL’s as a primary stepping off point, and use them more than most, they’ve always been on my list of things to ‘master’ – it can’t be done, and it shouldn’t be done. It’s messy, but it can still work if you listen, and learn. The Principles is a personal tome that I’ve asked Rory to publish in the past and to share – without ’em we’re all flailing. Rory has provide some basics, some great demos, and some great thinking and talking points in this new release – long overdue, and sure to compliment any MA/LEO library of existing titles. It’s just got some great basic foundational ideas. Mine came yesterday, and I spent three hours today capturing his ideas on paper to think about, and review while I can’t be watching – fine tuning my abilities with some restructuring, some fixes to my mess, and some new information that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. My biggest problem with Rory’s stuff is this: he gives you tools, and they make you want more. I know that Rory doesn’t intend this specifically, but I’m always waiting for his NEXT release, and the one after that, and so on. He always brings something new to my table and library, and he always makes me think differently. It’s always a joy to get a new Miller product in the mailbox, and this one was no exception. In fact, it’s very relevant to my needs and journey to go home safe. Thank you Rory for your talent, and ability to deliver your experience to those of us out here that need your knowledge.

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