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Streetfighting Essentials: A Sensible Approach To Dealing With Violence

Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
By tim bon January 1, 2012
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase

This very affordable 2 DVDR self-defense package was released in 2002 by Paladin Press and Alain Burrese (pronounced: Alan Burr-ee-se.) At that time Alain had been a Martial Artist for 18 years. Korean Hapkido, a Martial Art with emphasis on Self-Defense, is what Alain references for this set.

Alain served in the U.S. Military, and has performed security and bodyguard work since leaving the military. Besides producing several videos, he is also an author, and e-book author. Alain authored the hard-to-find book Hard Won Wisdom, and recently an e-book or [..] traditional print [..] series called Tough Guy Wisdom. He also produced the videos Hapkido Hoshinsul, Hapkido Cane and the Lock On Joint Locking Essentials series.

This set was designed for the person that doesn’t want to study a Martial Art for years. Period. Alain distills his Hapkido art down to the essentials necessary to help you learn self-defense for use on the street, and it will also will help the dedicated Martial Artist cross-over to learn real Self-Defense versus what he or she may practice in the dojo.

Alain has done a great job of presenting a lot of material that is easily learned, easy to understand, and likely to save your bacon when the heat gets turned up.


In Chapter ONE Alain introduces a very important principle that is your best defense against in any situation – awareness. We are all way too caught up in our cell phones and other personal electronic devices and we tend to lose track of what else is going on all around us. That leaves us vulnerable to attack. The first thing you’ll learn here is to become more aware of what’s going on around you, at all times. Failing to do so will present someone else with the opportunity to relieve you of your belongings, simple as that.

Chapter TWO teaches you proper stance and footwork. Alain explains stance and how to move your feet to maintain balance and proper positioning. The moves and principles are again easily acquired. Alain goes on to demonstrate some simple scenarios of how to implement these movements in relation to facing a potential aggressor.

In Chapter THREE is Alain describes over a dozen strikes that can be used on the upper-body of an aggressor. Alain demonstrates a strike and then an upper-body target and explains why the particular strike/target will work.

Chapter FOUR is about lower-body strikes/targets. Again, Alain presents suitable strikes and targets.

DVD 2:

This dvd starts with some common grabs and chokes that you may fall victim to. These techniques may also be used against larger and/or stronger aggressors, which makes them very useful.

Chapter TWO is dedicated to break-falls – learning how to fall properly, and safely. Alain demonstrates a few ways to ease yourself into these techniques. Learning how to fall and recover will be very important in your overall study.

In Chapter THREE is a brief study about being or ending up on the ground, while being attacked by an aggressor. You don’t want to end up there! Alain shows you a few very effective strikes that will fend off an attacker and perhaps present you with the opportunity to regain your feet.

Chapter FOUR ties it all together. Alain demonstrates a few combinations and encourages you to create and practice your own. All attacks are different, and how you choose to defend against them will never be the same twice. In some other systems, these are known as flow-drills.

This is a great DVD set that will help most anyone – students, martial artists, security personnel, healthcare professionals, and anyone that wants to have more confidence when facing a threat. Alain’s style is very easy to watch and learn from, the audio and video are topnotch, and there’s a lot of great material here. Being a healthcare professional I found many techniques that I will recommend that our institution consider in our training regimen. Do yourself a favor and buy this very affordable set – you’re sure to learn something new, useful, and most of all – effective!


© Copyright 2012, tim boehlert

Finger Locks – DVD, Made Easy, Alain Burrese

Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
By tim b on June 8, 2011
Format: DVD

Alain Burrese has a series of DVD’s out ( which I’ve recently found. This series seems to be extremely good in explaining the methodology of Locks and Holds if this DVD is representative of the rest of the series. The series is called LOCK ON: Joint Locking Essentials w/ Alain Burrese. This title was release in 2010 with a promise of a Volume 5.

The videos are well-shot and with good audio, unlike a lot of titles on the market that describe various MA techniques – many suffer from bad video, and sound – which makes them useful only to the extent of mining any knowledge from the content. Alain approach and style are very easy to relate to, he doesn’t preach, he gives you exactly what you need and explains most of the essentials toward understanding the principles – and principles are THE KEY to understanding any of the MA techniques. With my limited experience, I am able to understand exactly HOW to apply the techniques demonstrated but more importantly, and this info is missing on MANY video titles from other authors, WHY the technique works as it does. If you can grasp the essentials – the principles – you can then expand your ‘vocabulary’ to add new techniques based on the principles. What I really take away from this video is that in this instance, it’s not about muscling an opponent, but about finessing the opponent, using his weakest points!

The other thing that I like about this video, and here again this seems to be a unique touch that Alain has added, is that he not only shows you the technique, but explains it in detail and then follows up with CLOSE-UPS of the technique. I recognize some of the material and concepts through the teachings of Wally Jay, and Alain mentions his Hapkido ‘circles’ theory and Wally Jay’s as being similar ideology.

I highly recommend this title, especially if you are in need of learning techniques of Control & Constraint – i.e. – a cooler/bouncer, a personal protection provider, a security officer. These techniques provide safe and effective methods of dealing with problem encounters, without permanently injuring the offender, but with the option of doing damage under the right/justifiable circumstances.

Alain mentions a Volume 5, which I’m told will be shot in 2011. He also mentions a specific future volume regarding techniques that are focused on Control & Compliance – for use by those individuals that are in jobs/situations requiring techniques aimed at minimizing any collateral damage and any resultant litigation, I assume. I hope that Volume 5 is just that, as the marketplace seems to be lacking specific training materials that reference this subject matter in depth. I’ll be on THAT waiting list if and when it appears!

To Alain: If you’re watching: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with those of us that seek such things. In my quest for more knowledge, I’m finding that picking the right TEACHER can make all of the difference in getting the RIGHT training. You’ve now been added to my short list of well-qualified exemplary teachers. Looking forward to buying the rest of the series!

© copyright 2011, tim boehlert

Active Killer Incidents: A Guide for the Armed Civilian


Scott has written another really good book here! In this volume you will find some great components to be considered if you ever face an Active Killer event, but the knowledge and tools herein could be helpful at almost any accident scene and more. While the title specifies that it’s slanted towards armed citizens, the information here could be used by anyone – armed or not. I could see this guide being useful to ANY Healthcare professionals – trained or untrained. For Security Professionals, this should be a MUST READ, period.

The book is setup in components. It’s the first book that I know of that outlines HOW TO hunt down an Active Killer. It’s also the first to talk about room-clearing techniques IF you decide to step up and take the killer down. There are guides for EDC, solo and group tactics, CC options, and finally a full set of First Aid and Trauma Care components to be considered along with recommendations on some tools you may wish to consider.

Scott’s done a great job of compartmentalization here of some very handy information. No one book could possibly cover ALL of the material necessary to be prepared, but Scott has presented enough here to get you thinking and planning for positive outcomes.

I recommend this become a part of your learning system. If you’re in the position to push this to your admin, do it. If you’re a concerned citizen, you’ll get a lot out of this that you can use should you ever need to. As I said, it’s not just relevant to an AK event, but a lot can be used to make you better prepared for other events and disasters.

Thanks Scott for the mind-dump! Great job, again!


© Copyright 2018, tim boehlert

How to Survive an Active Killer: An Honest Look at Your Role in the Age of Mass Violence

Author: Aaron Jannetti
January 9, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

So I’ve just finished reading ‘How To Survive An Active Killer’ by Aaron Jannetti… it was a tough read and I’ll tell you why. Having been involved with Active Shooter planning for a few years, and after having read numerous other Active Shooter articles and books, and having attended DHS AS (Workplace Violence) seminars my personal thoughts changed mid-education and I started to question the ‘marketing aspects’ of some of this. What immediately comes to mind is the FEMA Slogan – ‘Run-Hide-Fight.’ Catchy little mean-nothing marketing tool, IMO. It’s catchy because as it’s seen and used more, it sticks with you – it’s intended purpose. There is where it’s usefulness ends.

Fast forward from 2012 when I’d outlined a series of ideas to consider for my organization and nothing happened for the next three years. During that time-frame I had given up hope that the message was accepted. I still kept up on accumulating resources and databased them. I found new materials to read about these events – Virginia Tech, Beslan and others. No one seemed to be reading the same materials, nor cared much about it in general – it wasn’t going to happen HERE, or the likelihood would be like … BS. To prepare and TRAIN to that eventuality MAY be your best hope. Certainly discounting it from happening is a diminishing prospect at best. And while the tactics MAY have changed – Knife, Car, Truck, etc… the likelihood becomes more inevitable, again IMO.

What Aaron has put together in this one book are just some of the answers. He doesn’t sugar-coat much of it, if any. I can’t tell you how much better I feel that there is FINALLY a book on the subject where the main goal is to enlighten us on more aspects of what happens or could, but also on just a few of the things we can do to either combat it or escape it entirely. In fact, what Aaron has posited here is a short checklist of possible solutions should you find yourself anywhere near an event of this nature.

There is no bravado being put forth, merely simple solutions that SHOULD have been a part of the FEMA slogan campaign. Offering up HOW-TO, WHERE-TO, WHEN-TO are and were all of the missing components that frustrated me personally in the institutions approach to offer nothing more than a ‘check this box’ and ‘watch this 6-minute video’ sign-off solution. Limits their liability, bit offers NOTHING to save their lives. There were no follow-up drills, or training involved, and once again they dismantled the panel with no conclusive gains.

Aaron Jannetti can be seen in one video that made the rounds on the internet about his Active Killer training and drills and that is what caught my eye more than a year ago. It was his style, and his cut-to-the-chase teaching method that stood out. In 2017 this book becomes available, and while I’m no longer active on a committee, it still felt important to remain up-to-date as much as I could. The problem I have with a book of this type is the amount of time I end up thinking about evil and how to combat it. Yes, maybe we all envision being the hero, and IF so, then read this book to truly encompass what that statement truly reflects. To understand the evil you will face you will need to do much more than merely read about it, and here again Aaron puts that premise right up front. It’s about SURVIVAL. It’s about your abilities, and lack of – something we all have to face as individuals if we are to truly be square with ourselves. Whether it be a lack of knowledge, poor physical conditioning, perhaps even handicaps that might prevent us from doing things that may need to be done. Look and be truthful about your abilities. Do it now. Prepare. These are all components of what you will find within these pages.

Aaron has plenty of community support for his ideas, but as he says – it’s not about ME, it’s about US. We all need to be a part of the solution. He may have a part, you may have a part, and I may have a part of that. In fact we do. As a community we can get better at teaching, training, and sharing our ideas. This book is an excellent start at the SHARING portion. Your organization SHOULD be accessing the content herein. They would if they truly cared about your safety in such an event. YOU should care enough to buy it and read it anyway, as you and you aline are responsible for your own safety. When push comes to shove, you want to be able to rely on your abilities. It’s YOUR survival.

BUY IT, READ IT. TALK ABOUT IT. SHARE IT. A lot of what’s missing in MOST programs out there is in here. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. Thank you Aaron for having the chuff to put out the truth and the knowledge that WILL save lives. This book is a milestone to that end, and I hope that people remember a few years down the line. Respect sir.


© Copyright 2018 tim boehlert

Second Edition Book! Expanded…

Violence: A Writer’s Guide (Kindle Edition)

If you think you know what ‘violence’ looks like, you probably don’t. If you think what you see on T.V. shows or in movies is a close representation, you’re dead wrong. If you think what you read in novels is closer – it’s not. If you want to stay safe in this world, you first need to look at violence through a new set of eyes, take off the filters, and open up your mind. Trust me, it’s a whole paradigm shift. To get you familiar with violence I want you to consider buying this updated book from Rory Miller. It’s called VIOLENCE: A Writer’s Guide, and in it you will learn more about the realities of violence than you likely know now, or have even considered. Because it’s getting to be a more violent world, I think you owe it to yourself to come out of your comfort zone of denial, and have a good read – it will prepare you in some ways to at least understand what you may be experiencing when it does happen, or at the very least recognize it BEFORE it does. Rory has an amazing set of credentials that allows him to be an expert in this area – trust me on this. His writing style is very easy to get lost in – and isn’t that fun losing hours reading before you even realize it? If this whets your appetite, be sure to check out his other tomes as well… Mediations on Violence and Facing Violence.

EDITED 053113:

So, here goes: This book needs to be re-titled. Yes, that’s what I think, and here’s why – Rory is going to miss a great market with this title. For the record, I am NOT a Writer. Here’s the scenario: in trying to gain Rory some new reader’s, i’ve had to explain WHY they too should read this book. “Well, I don’t write, so why would I want to read this book?” Yeah, it’s like that…. sigh. Okay, so the short and skinny is, it’s not really JUST for writer’s although that may have been a partial intent on Rory’s part or his publisher’s. Who can benefit from reading this book then, if not writer’s? How about your mom, your dad, your brother and sister, your kids, their kids, your grandkids? Your friends, their friends, your BOSS! Yes, your boss, and his boss, and his boss, AND the CEO. In my job, these are all ‘targets’ that I’d love to have read this book in particular. Let’s be clear – violence is all around us, but until you’ve actually experienced it, you won’t likely really know what it is, what it looks like, what it feels like. You may kid yourself that you know it, but you don’t. Really. You don’t. The problem is that you don’t even KNOW that you don’t know. Really. This book, IMO, pulls back the curtain of denial that we’ve all likely grown up with, and exposes the cold, ugly truths that we’ve denied for many years, or decades. Do yourself a real favor – buy this book, in ANY format. Then read it cover to cover. Discuss it with anyone that IS familiar with violence. Then re-read it. Go back and ask questions. Indoctrinate yourself in this cld ugly truth – you’ve been living a very sheltered existence – in denial – for many, many, too many years. If you find that you want more information, buy anything else by Rory. It’s in there, and you’ll be all the better for it.

© Copyright 2013 tim boehlert

When Violence IS The Answer: A Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Tim Larkin‘s new book, When Violence IS the Answer, and have posted a review on
I have to say up front that it’s a very good read. That is prejudicial on my part, but honest to boot. I have learnt much about violence over the years, and I know that makes many uncomfortable, so be it.
Violence is merely a tool – a tool that is used by the bad to take advantage of the good in many instances, but luckily for us, not all. We can use it too – to either STOP or prevent them from using it for evil purposes, simple as that.
I know the word violence and the statements make many uncomfortable, but for those of us who choose to wield the tool of violence for YOUR protection it’s just a bland way to describe what we do professionally for the safety of all.
As a violence professional, I have dedicated myself over the last 9 years to serving the public and their safety. Putting their safety and needs before my own, and or to the benefit of my family. I did so willingly, and KNOWING that it was the right thing to do.
All I ask in return is some understanding, and some self-education. If you wish to understand something like violence, you simply need to research, study, and do so with an open-mind. Ask questions – I can tell you a lot, but not everything, as my study is incomplete, or even very specific.
I know it’s uncomfortable, but it could save your life, does that make it easier to at least TALK about?
Violence IS the Answer can open a new vista for you. It’s simply a book of ingredients if you want to simplify things and take out the negative connotations that you probably already assoicate with the word violence or even the title itself. It’s much more than that in fact, it’s really just a book about a tool that you may never have to use at all, now does that make you feel better? BUY it, READ it, SHARE your experience – YOU might just save someone else’s life – better now?
on September 24, 2017

Ingredients, and nothing more? A recipe for disaster? Those statements are not meant to be derogatory, in fact it’s as simple as I can break this book down to – ingredients and recipes. What Tim Larkin has provided with this new book is a list of ingredients, and what you do with them, when to use them, or IF to use them, how to mix them together is totally up to the chef. As a violence professional, it’s a great guide to dealing with ONE type of violence, but I can see possibilities to using it with the other, albeit in a different ‘manner.’

Tim defines violence as a tool – concise, and if we understand that anything can be a tool, and that it’s totally up to the user HOW to use it, WHEN to use it, of IF to use it, that analogy makes perfect sense AND takes some of the negativity out of this ‘conversation.’ Let’s face it the word VIOLENCE sparks enough emotional content in all of us to be a conversation stopper. When I tell someone that I am a violence professional, I’ve just SLAMMED a door shut between us – two words that in conjunction summon up DARK thoughts on the other end of the phone line between us. BUT, a tool is simply that – an implement to get a job done. Hopefully the perfect tool to get the job done properly.

This book was probably designed for a specific marketplace, but I think it’s also meant to start a conversation. For the uninitiated, it may come as a shock, or a gift – that all depends on the audience. To me, it’s one more book in a large collection of similar tools that I need for work and perhaps future projects. As a violence professional, I have spent nine years of my life protecting people form other people. To that end, I NEEDED tools. Like a packrat I have accumulated hundreds of books and videos, read countless articles from ‘experts’, studied YouTube offerings, and fortunately (or not?) had firsthand up-close and perhaps too personal one-on-one encounters with those that CHOSE to use the tool of violence in a BAD way – against a victim that THEY chose. Often that victim was me.

It’s hard to be concise here, as it could violate certain expectations, but suffice it to say that I have dealt with a lot of bad during my nine years. Stabbed, bitten, spit at, kicked, punched, pushed, shoved – you get the idea. The fact that I am still here to testify speaks volumes, or it should IF you are paying attention. Violence is a tool, and nothing much more than that. You can choose to use it any way that you’d like. Perhaps for good, or evil, right? Well WHY would you assume it’s only an EVIL tool and not a GOOD tool? I can tell you that it’s a totally acceptable option in my world – in fact I have wielded it with a LOT of success – in stopping it being used as an EVIL implement.

Look, let’s face it, talking about violence will strike a chord within each of us, sometimes similarly, sometimes NOT. To say that “violence has never solved anything” is a stupid thing to say. Historically violence has been used to solve a LOT of things, and SOEMTIMES we’re alright with that notion as long as we don’t look too closely under the hood, or dwell on it.

Violence CAN be used for good, period. That’s really all I should have to say here. I know firsthand. I have the scars and memories to prove it. I know in my heart that I did what I had to using the tool of violence for good – to protect others and myself when it was used by another with evil intent.

TO use it successfully, we need ot have a conversation, and you may need to change your worldview, as I did. I’d lived MOST of my life without ever having to wield this tool, but when I chose a new career, I couldn’t FIND information fast enough. I had to approach THIS in steps, because like many, it was NOT a subject that I wanted to discuss, let alone study! First I had to try the self-defense/martial arts route. Knowing that I was putting myself in danger every day, I knew early on that this was NOT the solution that I needed. My sensei got me started one day when he showed me a specific thing – a technique that I had no idea about. THAT one demonstration open a new world, the first of many as it would turn out.

Fast forward and I started looking for ‘techniques.’ HOW does anyone learn 1000 techniques and maintain that level of expertise? They don’t, simply. The next phase was learning about Israeli SD – Krav Maga. I was told that it was more like what I should be studying, but “it’s brutal.” NOT what I’m looking for, without even looking, let alone understanding. SO I looked, and while it seemed to open a new door, and it did indeed, I still has a lot of reservations.

I found my teacher through that exploratory procedure, and started on a long journey. Principles vs. techniques was outlined, and bingo, that struck a chord! Next up was finding Tim Larkin and TFT with Chris Ranck-Buhr. I invested, and started to read, study and ponder. It was another LARGE step in my growth evolution, but one that is still paying off. While I didn’t fully understand what I had committed to, it’s still useful and worthy of more study. I won about everything that Tim has marketed, and only used a small portion of his output in my professional career – the study of body mechanics.

This book opens up some more access to those tools which had been previously provided and purchased. It fine tunes some of the subject matter, and points you to specific areas that should be required, in my opinion. Tim has been quoted as saying the book started out at over 2-3 thousand pages – I’d LOVE to see what was cut!

In short, if you want to prevail in an ugly encounter, you owe it to yourself and your family to BUY this book, read it, and know that it’s a primer for that outcome. Tim can only put so much information out there as the book you’d really need would be thousand of pages long, and who would read that except for only a few, and they’d likely only do so for purely academic reasons. This book gives you some of the ingredients that you will need when facing violence. You’d be stupid during this time in history to continue to turn a blind eye and hope that it happens only to someone else.

Ingredients, nothing more, and it’s here for the taking. You’d be a fool NOT to. In fact, the knowledge herein can save your life or the lives of others. That’s a powerful statement, and one that I don’t make lightly. Keep this in mind if you need further encouragement to start your journey by reading this book – how long will it be before someone can get to you when your life is on the line? Violence happens fast, and if you’re caught unprepared, you will likely lose – and that can mean anything from injury to death, within seconds. Most violence happens that fast. It takes longer to dial 9-1-1 to even let them know that you’re in trouble or have seen someone else in trouble. Do you see my point?

Second That!

Rory has put together some great information, that I have not seen elsewhere. This presentation is long – 175 minutes, and you will want to get out a piece of paper or three and take some notes, especially if this is all new to you.

I have been drinking in the Miller Well for a few years now, so I’m used to his presentation, and I always go back to re-read or listen AND for more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it here – Rory is a DEEP THINKER. This is not an easy label, as you’ll only get it when you GET IT. Oddly, on my second viewing I caught him saying ‘you won’t learn anything new’ after going through this material. Well, he’s correct on some levels, but don’t let that stop you from proceeding. He’s basically saying that you already know this stuff, you just don’t KNOW that you know it. And he may be correct for a certain demographic, but I beg to differ. It’s deeper than that even. You will only come to his conclusion once you GET IT, and I think that many won’t get it until they do.

I often try to compare notes with other professionals in my circles, and even at times they don’t get it. They just drink at the wrong wells, buy into falsehoods, and for lack of a better analogy, put their heads in a hole and wait for the BAD to pass by. Rory has a solid handle on the information, based on his vast experience dealing with the BAD. He has a solid understanding too of how things work – things that we may instinctively know, but it’s not floating on the surface for us. You have to stir the waters to bring it up, if you can open yourself up to this material. For me it’s a necessity – the more I know, or can know, the better equipped I’ll be to deal with it. You can”t buy this information any more affordably, and it will take more than a few viewings to take it all in and really understand it. It’s not for everyone, although it should be.

I highly recommend this outing from Rory. It will be invaluable to any THINKING MAN/WOMAN that truly wants to prepare themselves with ALL of the tools that would be necessary to be a contact professional – whether it be in Security, or Law Enforcement, or even in the Health Care field – EMT, Nurse, Dr. This information is invaluable to anyone that wants to really understand violence – all of it’s nuances, it’s flavors, it;s underlying tones. If you deal with it by dealing with it, you need this information – it’ll answer a lot of questions, and help keep you safer. If you defer to others to deal with it, you can still benefit from the knowledge herein. It’s a must for my library, and I recommend it for yours as well. Educate your mind.

Learn as much as you can about violence, and learn as much as you can from Rory and his circle of friends – they all bring something to the table that you can’t get elsewhere. They are furthering our ability to deal with violence, opening our minds to things that we don’t want to think about, and puling back the veil on this thing we call violence. I put my trust in Rory, because he has and does, and I’m trying to. With his help, I’m getting there, safely, and informed beforehand! This gives me so many options, opportunities, and advantages that I didn’t have five years ago. Thanks Rory.

© Copyright 203 tim boehlert

Mindset CHANGE dead ahead!

October 3, 2012

Scaling Force: Dynamic Decision Making Under Threat of Violence (Paperback)


Rory Miller and Lawrence Kane have put their heads and collective experience together to author a new book available here:

It’s titled ‘Scaling Force’, and it’s jammed full of good information and advice that will surely help many understand the LEGAL definition of the legal term ‘self-defense’, and will guide ANY martial artist through the legal maze that may result from the use of your chosen art in an altercation.

This book will also clearly define the many variables that are involved, and the pitfalls that you may face if you choose to use your training – it can come back and bite you! I don’t mean to discourage anyone – this is going to be a great read, and for many it will be a revelation! Reading through the who’s-who of forewords and beta-reader’s quotes will clue you in to the seriousness of the subject matter – quotes from many notable martial artists, including Marc MacYoung, Alain Burrese, Loren W. Christensen and Ian Abernethy get right to the heart of what you have in store for you to consider.

The reality of ‘self-defense’ as you may be currently taught in the dojo is anything but the reality! Your MA training is incomplete without this text – you are being taught wrong. Simple as that. If your MA dojo is teaching you about the legal implications, they are doing YOU a disservice. Period.

This book will tell you WHY, and teach you about something that used to be called The Force Continuum in Law Enforcement circles. In today’s society we believe too much of what we see on T.V. or read on the internet forums. Self-Defense is a buzzword used by many to take your money and in turn provide you with an incomplete program. It’s taken me personally a few years to get to this mindset, and trust me – I’ve invested a lot of hard earned funds into developing solutions that would work for me and with my given set of circumstances. I was lucky to find Rory a few years ago, I own and have read and or re-read ALL of his output to date. I encouraged him to publish a book last year that I felt was important, and that would help many in my field break some new ground. I connect with Rory’s writing and experience – he’s got an easy manner of expressing difficult concepts and/or ideas. He doesn’t sugar coat things, but slaps you in the face with what the reality is – often in a very humorous way, but often with no B.S. or glossing over.

If you even anticipate being in a situation where you’re likely to have to use your training, save yourself GRIEF> BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT. It’ll save you money, heartbreak, and untold anxiety. This book is another in a continuing series of books about VIOLENCE – as authored by both Rory and Mr. Kane. They’ve put out some of the best books on VIOLENCE that I’ve found on a subject that I thought I knew something about – until I read THEIR books. Now I KNOW differently. I was only kidding myself, and was also steeped in what T.V. has provided me with over a lifetime of exposure. Do yourself a HUGE favor – BUY THIS BOOK – but you better read it and more importantly UNDERSTAND what you are reading!

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Defend yourself FIRST by being well-informed – and this book will set you on that path. Read the quotes provided by many from the MA community and those from the LEO community as well – they pull no punches. Read/consider/re-read, let it all sink in, and read it again. Understanding violence, understanding ‘self-defense’ as you currently think you know it are likely totally wrong. Really.

© Copyright 2012 tim boehlert

Rape Exposed: Why we need to affect change in the ‘Judicial’ System!

A review of ‘Sex Crimes’ by Alice Vachss


I have to say I was very reluctant to BUY this book. I have an aversion to things that make me uncomfortable, and the title alone does that for me.I bought it anyway, and put it on the fast-track of my reading list.

It’s not what I feared (or I’ve gotten ‘used’ to ugly things) and yet it was extremely informative, and in some places the author actually made me laugh or smile, in the context of the moment.

Here is a woman that has done everything within her power to make change, to make a difference, and has had to fight to do so. She’s had to fight a system that is archaic, a system where prejudice is rampant and openly displayed. She’s also had to fight the politics of her business, and then there’s the law.

God bless her to have the gumption to go to work every day to repeatedly face the ugly. The scenarios that she’s faced, the cases that she’s fought and won, the lives that she’s affected, and the amount of BS that she’s had to endure all the while are nothing short of… I couldn’t have done it with as much heart as she had.

The legal system is broken for these victims, the law IS to blame, but so are many of the other ‘pieces’ that make up that system – the ‘collaborators’ as she so aptly labels them. These are the people in and around the system that either discriminate, minimize, or allow these crimes to go unpunished. They include the Judges, the Defense or Prosecutors, and sometimes the investigators.

Words take on a whole new meaning here. What you think may be an open and shut case, is anything but. How some criminals use the law to their advantage is criminal in and of itself. There is no justice in a lot of what goes on – it’s more about bargaining, lessening the seriousness of the crimes, minimizing the meaning of what really took place as opposed to how counsel would present it to our juries. I’m not letting the jurors off either.

It’s shameful how ‘business’ is conducted in our court rooms, made all the more disgusting by these specific crimes and how it’s ‘dealt’ with to mede out ‘justice.’

This book doesn’t provide many answers for me, but instead it poses a lot of questions. For me it was an education on more of what’s wrong with our world. I couldn’t be more disillusioned with the facts of how this great champion of rape victims was treated, with the amount of stupidity, arrogance, and evil that she had to wade through merely to do what is right – within the confines that the law provides to these victims.

Now I understand why I’ve stayed away from politics all of my years. The system is corrupt beyond my wildest guesses. All in all, Ms. Vachss, my hat is off to you. I want to thank you for having the courage to do ‘that’ job, in the manner and under the circumstances with which you did for so long. Sometimes the good fight is the best thing you can hope for. Exposing it will be helpful, and naming the collaborators is a good start.

I am reminded of some good lawyer jokes, but here is one lawyer that is truly out for justice, who stands for the truth, not just because it’s her job, but because it’s who she is.

This is an important book – you need to read it for yourself to understand why, and you can pick out your own reasons. Thank you for writing this book, and I hope you continue to expose us to more of your world, because what you do is important and more-so, the right thing to do. But there’s also a new list of things that we need to address if there is to be justice for these victims, and it has to start with us, and now we can because of your work and what it has exposed.


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