Reprisals, John Curley

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5.0 out of 5 stars
By tim b on June 27, 2015
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This stuff must have been a hard write. The material is disturbing, and if you think it couldn’t happen – well, will we ever really know anything about what happens around us everyday? Can we really ever believe everything we’re told? Do you think that the good guys don’t struggle with this every single day? I think we’ve all been in a situation, where only our up-bringing, our morals and beliefs kept us from crossing over the line to even the score, don’t you? Maybe we can live vicariously through reads like this – maybe it helps us for one more day. Tackling some really tough issues takes a toll ultimately. I can truly admire a man or woman that can fight the fight as if if weren’t personal, yet you have to wonder – how can they do what they do, for those that need ‘representation.’ Is this believable – oh yeah. We’ve all read the headlines, we’ve probably been their neighbors, or co-workers. We want to think that someone, SOMEONE will even the scales – sometime, if not today. We want justice, we want THEM shut down. We want them to pay, right? That’s a given, unless you’re one of them. John has taken a few disturbing ‘trends’, created a believable scenario, and served up some justice – clearly outside the lines, but hey, who cares – justice was done, and it’s fantasy anyway, right? Do you wonder? I do. I found the material disturbing on a few levels. It made me think, it made me uncomfortable, but it made me think. It also made me aware. How much of the time do we all just ignore these events, or are maybe just unaware, or avoid it because it makes us uncomfortable? Why does media under-report some of these crimes, keeping us in the dark, and allowing it to continue? Why aren’t the courts doling out real justice? Yeah, you really have to read this too-short story. It will give you hope, it will make you think, it may even prompt you to get involved. My guess is that some of this is based on real events, somewhere, sometime. But that’s just me. To the author – take your time, flesh it out more, develop the characters – good and bad. Pay attention to the details, and draw us in more. You need to get us involved, and invested if it’s to affect change in the world. Thanks for writing this, because while it made me uncomfortable, I know that it was meant to do so – to create awareness, to create change, to push us into the darkness just a little to force us to look at many disturbing things, and to invite us back into that next book…. job well done sir for such a short read. Read this, let it seep in, and get back to writing and by doing so, informing and educating your readership.

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